Edition 41 “Thugs R Us”

Now I know that most people take no interest in watching preseason basketball, but with no big baseball or major football games on tonight, I took a peek at the Lakers vs Nuggets preseason game.  A rematch of the Western Conference Championship from this past season.  Two very talented teams that will be in the thick of it again this year.

Anyways, in the middle of the 2nd Quarter, Lamar Odom and Chris Anderson picked up a double technical.  Things were getting physical in the paint as Anderson continued to jabber at Odom and get under his skin..well he did.  Lamar shoved him and the madness ensued with Kenyon Martin, a tough guy in his own right breaking things up.

Watching the one they call the “Birdman” tonight made me realize that he has almost no talent.  He has gotten into the League on his raw work ethic and outstanding shot blocking ability.  But there is an intangible that he possesses that will keep him in the League for years to come barring any mishaps off the court.  And it is not his ability to get kicked out of the league for taking banned substances, though he has succeeded in this before.  He is a master of getting under people’s skin. Chris is a master trash talker.  This is what he does on a nightly basis.

I really feel George Karl only keeps the Birdman around to get under the skin of the opposing team’s power forward or center.  How would you like to have your role on a team be inciting frustration from your opponents.  Anderson spends the whole time while he is on the floor jabbering, talking trash, playing with way too much physicality, and smiling.  He loves being the bad guy and embraces this role.  He also looks the part with his mohawk, headband, and body full of tattoos.

Well frankly, I think this is a joke.  The Birdman makes 3.7 million a year to pick up fouls, block shots, and goad opponents into technical fouls.  One of his famous lines has been, “Its time for the Birdman to fly.”  You know it is time for the Birdman to fly.  Fly out of the League…

Stay tuned for edition 42.


3 responses to “Edition 41 “Thugs R Us”

  1. The Birdman is like an enforcer on an NHL team. He does not have to be a skilled player. Enforcers are there to beat people up and take the other teams better players off the ice. Birdman does the same thing with his mouth causing the other teams better players to get angry and eventually do something that will result in points for Denver.

  2. Gooch he is definitely an enforcer and does help their team..I just feel that he is way over the top with it at times and makes it blatantly obvious what his purpose is..

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