Edition 40 “This isn’t Aerospace Engineering Joe”

The Yankees once again failed to clinch a birth in the World Series last evening in a 7 to 6 loss to the Angels.  Time and time again Joe Girardi has over thought situations and not gone with his gut.  Well he is at it again..

There has been talk of possibly reshuffling the pitching rotation to make sure CC is ready to pitch game one in the Series.  Mr. Girardi, you have to get to the World Series first my friend.  Nothing will be given to you by a tough, never say die, Angels team.  Do you remember what happened in 04 against the Sox?  Lets not have a similar breakdown this time around.  This Yankees team has been too dominant all year not to play in the World Series.

But micromanaging has become a reoccurring theme around the league it seems like in today’s day and age.  I wonder why games take so long..maybe it could be because managers bring in 4 or 5 pitchers every game.  The simple math of it is, managers who do not over think situations commonly win.  Prime example in Joe Torre.  The man has won consistently for the past 13 years by keeping it simple.  Managers who keep it simple show confidence in their players which rubs off on how they respect their managers and generally how they perform on the diamond.

So Mr. Girardi, take a chill pill, and let Andy Pettite do what he has been doing his whole career.  He has the most playoff wins for a reason.  Well let him get number 16 and send the Yankees back to the promise land. 

On another note, the ultimate micromanager himself, Tony Larussa is having doubts about his return to the Cardinals.  Tony consistently overthinks situations and is doing the same now.  He is debating whether the fire is still there.  Either it is or it isn’t.  There is not to much to think about Tony.

Girardi needs to take some notes out of Joe Torre’s book and just let his guys play and not turn this into aerospace engineering.  Just keep it simple..

Stay tuned for Edition 41


4 responses to “Edition 40 “This isn’t Aerospace Engineering Joe”

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more. I’ve thought that Joe Girardi’s biggest flaw as a manager was his unnecessary micromanaging of the bullpen and pitching staff since his days in Florida. He over-analyzes everything. The one move this postseason that made me cringe was when he took out David Robertson after he got two quick outs and then brought in Aceves to face Howie Kendrick for absolutely no reason. Kendrick hit an rbi single up the middle and the Angels went on to win that game. Girardi, your telling me that David Robertson who by the way has the most strikeouts per 9 innings pitched in the majors this year doesn’t have better stuff than Aceves, give me a break. Good stuff man, I’ll keep in touch.

    • Matt,
      I appreciate the compliment. Spread the word to your friends and feel free to comment whenever. Hopefully Girardi keeps it simple tonight and the Yanks clinch..

  2. If Girardi leaves Robertson in, the Yanks sweep.

  3. Either way the Yanks are in the Fall Classic..but you are probably right

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