Daily Archives: October 23, 2009

Edition 39 “Let the Kids Play”

So who is sick of hearing about blue chip college basketball players with eligibility questions?  The most recent cases are regarding Renardo Sidney and John Wall.  I am frankly sick and tired of it.  The kid broke amateurism rules by taking money so now we are not sure if he is allowed to play college ball..even though it was the people around him, a kid, who got him into trouble..

Give me a break.  Just because the people around these stars see dollar bills and take advantage of them does not get rid of the fact that these high school stars are still just kids.  They do not know all the rules and are just enjoying the fame.  The way I look at it, if an adult steers a kid the wrong way then they should be penalized.  Do not take the kid’s College Basketball Career away.  I mean it is already ridiculous that a guy like John Wall even has to play a year in college.  Yet that is a completely different topic for another day.  But seriously, he will be there one year, and then he will go to the League.

Thats it, case closed.  Is it John Wall’s fault that his AAU coach was an agent?  He just played on an AAU team with the hope of developing his game to go to the next level.  So let John Wall and Renardo Sidney play.  They are very strong players that will heighten the level of the College Basketball scope this year.  John is a definite one and done and Sidney is probably an eventual NBA player as well.

Just please let the kids play..

Edition 40 is coming soon.