Daily Archives: October 21, 2009

Edition 38 “Money Talks”

The Yankees dominated the Angels tonight behind another strong performance from CC Sabathia and the continued hot bat of Alex Rodriguez.  This teams seems to be clicking on all cylinders and ready to capture title 27.

So what can stop the Yankees?  Well first of all as we learned with the Sox a few years back, no lead in the playoffs is safe.  Also the Phillies are the defending World Champs and look primed to retain their crown.  All I have to say is welcome to October madness.

This postseason has been for the most part drama filled with intense and exciting games.  Well lets keep the tight games coming and prepare for a very cold World Series between the Yanks and Phillies.

But back to the real story of the Yankees postseason.  Arod seems to be swinging for the fences every night and CC has looked like a Cy Young pitcher in each of his starts.  The large contracts the Yankees gave out to these guys are paying great dividends finally.  It is about time Arod, as you are letting your bat do the talking this postseason rather than the press.

So why is Arod swinging such a hot bat this postseason?  Has he finally decided to not let the pressure of playing in New York get to him in October? Is it the weight of no longer dealing with his former wife after the divorce from over a year ago?  Maybe Kate Hudson is providing him with some extra star power.  Either way, the man is playing phenomenal and really leading the Yankees towards that 27th World Championship.

So my question for you is why is Arod playing so great this postseason as a pose to his abysmal past?

Derek, get ready to finally fill a whole hand with that 5th ring.

Stay tuned for Edition 39.