Daily Archives: October 20, 2009

Edition 37 “QB War zone?”

So what is the deal with every high profile QB in College Football seemingly having some sort of injury in the past few weeks?  Now these guys are not really sissy’s.  But give me a break.  Bradford was hurt in week 1.  Tebow had the concussion.  McCoy has hurt his thumb.  Pike has hurt his left forearm.  Bradford reinjured his shoulder.

The quarterback position is like a war zone for all of the Heisman contenders.  Best of luck to all of you guys in being healthy down the stretch.  Injuries are part of the game but nobody likes to beat a team that is not at full strength.  Let’s hope all of these guys are at full strength down the stretch which will really add to the excitement as the season hits crunch time.

Jimmy Clausen you may be the next high profile College QB to get hurt.  So be extra cautious and keep doing what you are doing. 

Also thought that I would add, we are nearing a very cold weather World Series between the Yankees and Phillies.  I do think the Angels will make things tough on the Yankees, but Mr. October will lead the Bronx Bombers to the series and their 27th World Championship..

Stay tuned for Edition 38.