Edition 36 “What is this the Mighty Ducks?”

So the Patriots on a very snowy day gave the Tennessee Titans an old fashioned butt whooping.  They blanked the Titans 59 to 0.  Yes in an NFL game, the final was 59 to 0.  My question for you all though what is Bill Belichick’s deal?  Brady sets a record by throwing 5 touchdowns in the 2nd quarter, and then is sent in to play at the start of the 3rd? 

Now I realize this is professional sports, but come on.  When you go into the half up 45 to 0, I think the game is well in hand.  Watching this made me feel as if I was watching the Mighty Ducks again.  Belichick was like the coach of the Hawks, Coach Reilly, while Tom Brady was the Hawk’s star player Adam Banks, going for a league record in goals again.  Now Adam Banks in the movie did have great hair and was a very talented player at his sport just like Tom Brady.  Give me a break though.  Where is the class?  And I will not point the finger at Brady because it is ultimately not his decision of when he plays.

Very stunning that the Titans have fallen from the outstanding 13 and 3 team of last year to a horrid 0 and 6 team this year.  It is time to clean out shop and they will be fine in the near future.  Coach Fisher is a great coach and knows how to win. 

I hope all of you enjoyed watching the modern professional re-enactment of the old Disney movie The Mighty Ducks today.  Coach Belichick, remember what happens later in the movie though when the formerly undermanned team comes back to bite you.  For the Titans there is always next year.

I guess it’s not worth winning if you can’t win big.

Stay tuned for Edition 37.


9 responses to “Edition 36 “What is this the Mighty Ducks?”

  1. I would like to disagree with your stance. In normal circumstances, coming from a normal Patriots offense with a normal Tom Brady, I would completely agree. However, this season, we have not seen a normal Tom Brady or a normal Patriots offense.

    Tom Brady has been missing reads all over the place and his big name receivers have been losing confidence in him. They needed a FULL game to mesh as a team and reconnect the chemistry and trust between Tom and his receivers.

    Also, I feel that the Patriots play best when they have the bad guy mentality and are able to instill fear in their opponents. No one is “scared” to play the Pats anymore. They need that status quo.

  2. Kraze, all allegiance aside, this is the NFL. This is not pop warner. These players get paid millions of dollars to suit up every week so they should have enough pride to go out there and play hard every week. How are you going to tell a team to stop playing hard when they are doing exactly what the other team should be doing. Especially with Brady missing an entire year and not being in sync with his receivers at all, he needed the extra time to continue to gel with his players. Rather than criticizing a team for doing what they should be doing you should be telling those titans to actually care and get a stop because they are a joke.

    Yankees Suck

  3. Brien..I have to disagree with your stance as well..the Titans had already given up on that game..playing against second stringers on a bad team does not do the Patriots offense any good and winning big against an 0 and 6 team at home does not scare anyone..it makes them more hungry to beat you for being bad sports.

    Sportsmanship is important no matter what level you are at and though Belichick is a great coach, he has been classless his entire career and reminds me of a certain man named the King in Cleveland who does not shake hands after losing big games..

  4. Anthony, I have to wholeheartedly disagree with that statement. Regardless if you are getting paid to play, sportsmanship is taught and expected at all levels. Kids will watch that game and get angry at their coaches for sitting them when they are up big on a team. They will say Tom Brady stayed in a game when they were up 45, we are only up 30 and I cannot stay in coach?

    Belichick is a great coach, but I cannot wait for the Patriots to one day be getting whooped. Yes it will happen eventually. Brady sure did not look in sync yesterday with 5 TD’s in one quarter. I mean going into a half up 45 to 0 you must need to work more and get in tune with your pro bowl receivers.

    Ask Belichick this year, when he loses a big game in the playoffs to actually shake hands and quit being a cry baby like Lebron..classless

    -The Yankees are awfully close to being in the WS but I guess they are not good..

  5. i disagree with what Jkraze is saying.

    its the NFL, not high school or peewee. the patriots offense has been struggling and needed something to get going to establish the offense they had 2 years ago. So, when they are actually doing it for the first time this year, why would you stop the momentum just to be nice and to avoid whatever happened in the “mighty ducks” movie? Really lol? thats a lame analogy. And sorry, but i dont see the titans (mighty ducks?) coming back and biting “coach Reilly and the Hawks”. I think it will be after this season and a good draft INCLUDING a top pick quarterback like mccoy or bradford before they ever have a chance of being a good contender in the nfl again. i have never seen a team play so bad. That being said, they do have a lot of costly injuries(Kearse, Harper, Finnegan, VanDen Bosch, and some others) which will hopefully be fixed for next year.

    But wow, for the first time i don’t understand what fisher is trying to prove by keeping in collins, and saying that he can turn it around. Collins’ is 3rd oldest starting qb(behind favre and warner) but is executing like a shaky rookie who has a whole career to improve(stafford and sanchez), but he’s not a rookie, he is old. So fisher why are you being stubborn. why did you spend 60 whatever million on vince young when he is on the bench in a time like this when collins lead you there.

    maybe the mighty du…, oops i mean titans, can have a decent draft like 2 years ago and look on positively to next year

    -stay tuned for edition 2

    -Traze 😉

    • Trae,
      All valid points but when you are up 45 to 0 your offense is clicking. The Patriots are lucky that no key players got hurt by people head hunting. In addition, when the Patriots get whooped come playoff time and Belichick is crying, that will be revenge enough. So maybe the Titans won’t come get them, but somebody will. They are not the Patriots of old..

  6. There is always the injury factor. Why risk getting your QB and other key players hurt in a game you have already won?

    • That is a valid point Gooch..injuries sometimes happen in situations where teams are rubbing it in..if Brady would of gotten hurt then people would all be agreeance that he should not have stepped foot on the field in the second half up 45 to 0..but since he didn’t..arguments will ensue that it was okay.

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