Edition 35 “No Tight End Town”

The Cardiac Cats were unable to make a comeback on this day.  The Texans, with a high powered offensive attack spearheaded by Matt  “>Schaub, Andre Johnson, Owen Daniel, and Steve Slaton proved too much for the Bengals.  This game was the not the fault of the Bengals defense though.  In the 3rd quarter the Bengals O had a total of 6 yards with consistent three and outs.  These three and outs gave the defense no rest and therefore they became tired, not to mention two of our best defensive lineman were injured in the first quarter (Peko and Odom).

But the real story in my eyes.  What is the deal with the Bengals tight ends.  Either they cannot catch a ball that hits them in the numbers.  Or they catch it, then they fumble.  These guys are just abysmal.  I realize that our original starter was hurt very early in training camp but it is no excuse.  Coats consistently drops balls that hit him in the chest and JP Foschi is just all around awful usually.  I mean people always complain about the Bengals not utilizing their tight ends.  And in the past 5 to 10 years, they really have never been big on using the TE in the passing game. Lately, Palmer has been making an effort to find his TE’s as teams double on our receivers and these guys just cannot catch the ball.  Carson was throwing the ball outstanding today and has nothing to show for it but a loss.

There is also a receiver that should really be thinking about how to catch the ball more consistently.  His name is Laverneus Coles!  I know the man had a TD today.  But he also had multiple drops on crucial third downs that cost us a new set of downs.  He is supposed to be our possession receiver yet he has more drops than any of our other receivers.  Chris Henry continues to catch the ball when it is thrown to him yet he hardly plays.  Chad OchoCinco is also playing outstanding and catching nearly everything within reason.  Marvin, sit Coles and play OchoCinco, Henry, and Caldwell.  Laverneus has not adapted to the Bengal’s system yet.

So the tight ends need to learn how to catch before this can be a playoff worthy team.  They are still in good shape and sit at 4 and 2.  But today was a game that they needed to win at home against a decent Texans team.  Sorry Carson.  Hopefully Chase Coffman can figure out the playbook soon and become a sure handed TE target for you.

In the meantime, continue to throw to Chad, Caldwell, and Henry..do not take the chance on the other guys..

Stay tuned for edition 36.


2 responses to “Edition 35 “No Tight End Town”

  1. How come they never let Coffman play? He could not be any worse that than the tight ends who are playing now. Also, the play calling was suspect in this game. At least I th0ught so. I cannot watch any more football today. I have been watching games since Wednesday.

  2. Apparently Coffman has been struggling with the playbook is my understanding..who knows what is the actual situation..the play calling has been suspect all season. They play too vanilla every week and never really show off Carson’s amazing passing ability until they are forced to in the 2 minute drill.

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