Edition 34 “Sorry Mr. Pryor”

OSU suffered possibly their worst loss in years this afternoon.  They fell at the hands of a subpar Purdue team that with the win improves to 2-5.   This win snapped a 5 game losing streak for the Boilermakers normally known for their Engineering School and occasionally their hoops team.

I feel as if Terrelle Pryor is having his college career ruined.  He is stuck playing for a man who is stuck in 1972..aka the man who rocks the sweater vest every week.  Jim, it is 2009.  The spread and innovative offensive tactics have taken over the college game.  Conservative play does not win titles no matter how talented your team is.  Take note from a man just down 71 who wins with less talented players.   This loss will probably cost the Buckeyes a Big Ten Title.  All I have to say is Jim you better beat Michigan or this will be a horrid offseason of scrutiny for you.

Pryor is a phenomenal athlete.  Nobody is taking that way from him.  But he may not have the tools to play quarterback at OSU for the old school Jim Tressel.  He may just be destined for another season of playing mediocre and depending on solid defensive play to save him every week.

Another coach in South Bend at least hung close with rival USC for the first time in years.  But in the end his team could not punch it in and though a receiver slipped on the last play, Notre Dame should have been able to tie this game and send it to OT.  Weis will act like he is hurt by this close loss, but at the same time he is relieved that his team came back and competed in this one.  The comeback may have secured his job for another year but both him and Tressel are far from Championship caliber coaches at this time.  Notre Dame is at the point now where it is okay to just compete against the good teams.  Boy have times changed.

Each has loads of 4 and 5 star players on their rosters yet they cannot seem to win the big one..Weis you probably just made the hot seat cold again so congratulations..enjoy South Bend..

Jim Tressel..you make 4.4 million a year..start innovating and coaching with more flash and creativity or at least lose the sweater vest.

Stay tuned for Edition 35.


11 responses to “Edition 34 “Sorry Mr. Pryor”

  1. finally… the controversy/slams we’ve been waiting for.

    keep it coming.

  2. Just a small suggestion: I’m assuming you mean just down 71 not 75. Other than that…. keep it up, how do I sign up for the RSS feed?
    ‘Canes, baby

  3. Ohio State played horribly to say the least. Good ol’ Jim, he will never change. Pryor is also to blame for this loss due to his lack of accuracy. hopefully they can pull something off this season. they are no longer the power house of ole.

  4. So poor to see Weis blame the receiver slipping on the play. They had a number of chances to get the ball in.

  5. Kraze, now you’re getting critical and the blog is getting juicy. i like it, keep it up.

  6. Thanks for the input guys..Kirby, Ohio State played bad, but they have enough talent that a team such as Purdue should have nearly no shot at keeping up with the overall superior ability of Ohio State even on an off day..Tressel needs some new additions to his playbook and coaching tactics..lastly who is headshaker34 haha..

  7. For yojoe, the receiver slipping is not why they lost that game. They had their chances and they just did not convert. With a QB like Clausen, targets like Golden Tate and Kyle Rudolph, an offense should convert in the red zone down the stretch..Brad you are correct on the highway and I will make that change..not sure on the RSS feed..

  8. Tressel should retire or be retired. However, as long as he beats Michigan, he is probably safe.
    UC now has players as talented as OSU. In fact, their team is as talented as anyone. FL only won because of favorable calls and Ark flubs. OK and Tex was a horribly played game but 2 overated teams. UC can beat them all. BTW, how long does it take to play a college football game? Between the excessive reviews and commercials, the games seem to take an eternity. Speaking of long games, YANKEES WIN! YANKEES WIN! YANKEES WIN!

  9. The Yankees did pull it out last night even with 3 errors..very impressive to go up 2 0 against the Angels

  10. I cannot believe that edition 34 was not a tribute to kevin kaesviharn…

    Keep making critical posts…

  11. I though about making it to Kaesviharn Brien..but too much other cool stuff going on..Kraze

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