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Edition 36 “What is this the Mighty Ducks?”

So the Patriots on a very snowy day gave the Tennessee Titans an old fashioned butt whooping.  They blanked the Titans 59 to 0.  Yes in an NFL game, the final was 59 to 0.  My question for you all though what is Bill Belichick’s deal?  Brady sets a record by throwing 5 touchdowns in the 2nd quarter, and then is sent in to play at the start of the 3rd? 

Now I realize this is professional sports, but come on.  When you go into the half up 45 to 0, I think the game is well in hand.  Watching this made me feel as if I was watching the Mighty Ducks again.  Belichick was like the coach of the Hawks, Coach Reilly, while Tom Brady was the Hawk’s star player Adam Banks, going for a league record in goals again.  Now Adam Banks in the movie did have great hair and was a very talented player at his sport just like Tom Brady.  Give me a break though.  Where is the class?  And I will not point the finger at Brady because it is ultimately not his decision of when he plays.

Very stunning that the Titans have fallen from the outstanding 13 and 3 team of last year to a horrid 0 and 6 team this year.  It is time to clean out shop and they will be fine in the near future.  Coach Fisher is a great coach and knows how to win. 

I hope all of you enjoyed watching the modern professional re-enactment of the old Disney movie The Mighty Ducks today.  Coach Belichick, remember what happens later in the movie though when the formerly undermanned team comes back to bite you.  For the Titans there is always next year.

I guess it’s not worth winning if you can’t win big.

Stay tuned for Edition 37.



Edition 35 “No Tight End Town”

The Cardiac Cats were unable to make a comeback on this day.  The Texans, with a high powered offensive attack spearheaded by Matt  “>Schaub, Andre Johnson, Owen Daniel, and Steve Slaton proved too much for the Bengals.  This game was the not the fault of the Bengals defense though.  In the 3rd quarter the Bengals O had a total of 6 yards with consistent three and outs.  These three and outs gave the defense no rest and therefore they became tired, not to mention two of our best defensive lineman were injured in the first quarter (Peko and Odom).

But the real story in my eyes.  What is the deal with the Bengals tight ends.  Either they cannot catch a ball that hits them in the numbers.  Or they catch it, then they fumble.  These guys are just abysmal.  I realize that our original starter was hurt very early in training camp but it is no excuse.  Coats consistently drops balls that hit him in the chest and JP Foschi is just all around awful usually.  I mean people always complain about the Bengals not utilizing their tight ends.  And in the past 5 to 10 years, they really have never been big on using the TE in the passing game. Lately, Palmer has been making an effort to find his TE’s as teams double on our receivers and these guys just cannot catch the ball.  Carson was throwing the ball outstanding today and has nothing to show for it but a loss.

There is also a receiver that should really be thinking about how to catch the ball more consistently.  His name is Laverneus Coles!  I know the man had a TD today.  But he also had multiple drops on crucial third downs that cost us a new set of downs.  He is supposed to be our possession receiver yet he has more drops than any of our other receivers.  Chris Henry continues to catch the ball when it is thrown to him yet he hardly plays.  Chad OchoCinco is also playing outstanding and catching nearly everything within reason.  Marvin, sit Coles and play OchoCinco, Henry, and Caldwell.  Laverneus has not adapted to the Bengal’s system yet.

So the tight ends need to learn how to catch before this can be a playoff worthy team.  They are still in good shape and sit at 4 and 2.  But today was a game that they needed to win at home against a decent Texans team.  Sorry Carson.  Hopefully Chase Coffman can figure out the playbook soon and become a sure handed TE target for you.

In the meantime, continue to throw to Chad, Caldwell, and Henry..do not take the chance on the other guys..

Stay tuned for edition 36.


Edition 34 “Sorry Mr. Pryor”

OSU suffered possibly their worst loss in years this afternoon.  They fell at the hands of a subpar Purdue team that with the win improves to 2-5.   This win snapped a 5 game losing streak for the Boilermakers normally known for their Engineering School and occasionally their hoops team.

I feel as if Terrelle Pryor is having his college career ruined.  He is stuck playing for a man who is stuck in 1972..aka the man who rocks the sweater vest every week.  Jim, it is 2009.  The spread and innovative offensive tactics have taken over the college game.  Conservative play does not win titles no matter how talented your team is.  Take note from a man just down 71 who wins with less talented players.   This loss will probably cost the Buckeyes a Big Ten Title.  All I have to say is Jim you better beat Michigan or this will be a horrid offseason of scrutiny for you.

Pryor is a phenomenal athlete.  Nobody is taking that way from him.  But he may not have the tools to play quarterback at OSU for the old school Jim Tressel.  He may just be destined for another season of playing mediocre and depending on solid defensive play to save him every week.

Another coach in South Bend at least hung close with rival USC for the first time in years.  But in the end his team could not punch it in and though a receiver slipped on the last play, Notre Dame should have been able to tie this game and send it to OT.  Weis will act like he is hurt by this close loss, but at the same time he is relieved that his team came back and competed in this one.  The comeback may have secured his job for another year but both him and Tressel are far from Championship caliber coaches at this time.  Notre Dame is at the point now where it is okay to just compete against the good teams.  Boy have times changed.

Each has loads of 4 and 5 star players on their rosters yet they cannot seem to win the big one..Weis you probably just made the hot seat cold again so congratulations..enjoy South Bend..

Jim Tressel..you make 4.4 million a year..start innovating and coaching with more flash and creativity or at least lose the sweater vest.

Stay tuned for Edition 35.