Edition 33: “Turn Two Chase?!”

Chase Utley made his second throwing error of the series tonight as the Phillies were defeated 2-1 by the Dodgers in a game where they had chances.  The Phillies could easily be going home up 2-0 on the Dodgers but now are tied in the NLCS.  In my eyes, the most glaring play of the game was Chase Utley’s second throwing error of the series.

He was not taken out on this play, he just muffed the throw.  Chase only made 4 throwing errors in the entire regular season.  In the NLCS, he is now 2 for 2 with throwing errors in both games.  Hate to say it Chase, if you want to continue being considered an MVP caliber player, the season doesn’t end in September.  Wake up Mr. Utley.  These are simple plays that you learned how to make in Little League.

Now do I still think Utley is a great player..yes he definitely is.  But he is really hurting his teams chances of repeating by making simple mistakes.  I do not forget that Chase only batted 220 during last year’s playoff run and 167 in the World Series.  Though many bats of star players go cold in the postseason, see Alex Rodriguez minus this year, the gloves cannot afford to go cold.  Teams win in October with their pitching and defense.  Chase wake up and learn to turn two!

In other news, CC Sabathia continued to earn every penny of his blockbuster contract with 8 awesome innings tonight as the Yankees took game one from the Angels.  The Angels lost due to their very uncharacteristic 3 errors and CC’s dominance.  Pitching and defense win in the postseason and neither the Angels or Phillies had the defense to back up their pitching on this evening…

Stay tuned for Edition 34 coming soon.


2 responses to “Edition 33: “Turn Two Chase?!”

  1. Gooch From The Bronx

    The cold weather in NY defintely hurt the Angels. They are simply not used to it.
    Not sure what the answer is but baseball in Oct & Nov in the cold weather cities is just not right.
    Anyway, Go Yanks.

  2. It is all relative though and is a part of the game..just like I do not think that it is fair that the Super Bowl is always played in domes or warm weathered stadiums..Have to play the cards you are dealt I guess

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