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Edition 32 “Weis: Please Stand Up”

So once again there is another great weekend of College Football ahead.  Of course last night, the University of Cincinnati Bearcats gutted out yet another victory even with the loss of their star quarterback in a big Thursday night win.

But big games this weekend.  There is of course the Notre Dame vs USC game in South Bend and the Oklahoma vs Texas game in the Cotton Bowl.  Both of these games are just long and storied rivalries featuring perennial big time powers. 

First of all lets look at the Notre Dame game.  Notre Dame appears to be clicking on offense this season with the emergence of Jimmy Clausen as a Heisman candidate and the great play of Golden Tate, Kyle Rudolph, and the rest of the gang.  Does this mean that they have a legitimate chance to beat a USC Trojan team?  In my eyes no..

Charlie Weis, who is constantly under fire for his job better be taking this game with the utmost seriousness.  This may be the best team he has had in his time other than his first 2 seasons at ND.  The Irish are at home with a supposed strong top 25 team.  They better come within 14 points of Pete Carroll’s vaunted Trojans.  This is the first time in years that USC has not had an experienced elder statesman at QB.  Though Barkley is a great QB, he is just a true freshman, which in my eyes makes this USC team, not quite as strong as the ones of the past 5 to 7 years.  Irish come within 14, or Weis should really start packing.  Though Notre Dame will not fire  him over getting blown out by the Trojans, I feel they should start looking around and thinking of the future if Weis cannot make this game somewhat competitive.  Weis lives the good life of playing on national television every week, but also this is a bad thing in that he can be embarrassed in the national spotlight if his team does not come ready to play..

Also shout out to Barkley and Clausen going at it.  Two great QBs out of the state of California lock horns in this one.  Remember though, Barkley is a true freshman and Clausen is really coming into his own.

In the other big matchup Oklahoma takes on Texas in a huge Big 12 Battle.  Texas has an outstanding passing offense and currently leads the country in points per game.  But I feel Oklahoma will exact revenge from their loss to Texas last year.  Oklahoma, though only 3 and 2, have a great defense, Bradford is back, and I feel the underdog wins in this storied rivalry a good portion of the time.  Watch for the Sooners to upset Texas in a very close game where the Longhorns lack of a running attack is exposed. Sorry Colt and Texas, your national championship hopes may be busted this weekend. Oklahoma will once again be in the picture to win the Big 12 Conference even with 2 nonconference losses this season.

Should be a great weekend..let me know what you think about these games..

My Predictions:  USC by 14 over the Irish and Oklahoma by 3 over Texas..

Stay tuned for edition 33.