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Edition 31 “Wednesday Night College Football”

So the big game tonight is Boise State vs Tulsa.  This should be an exciting matchup.  Boise State is a phenomenal team which is looking to run the table and qualify for a BCS Bowl.  Tulsa is a solid team that has had an explosive offense in every game but their encounter with the Sooners.

No harm no foul in this.  But does anyone realize that today is a Wednesday.  It is the middle of the week.  Why is there a football game being played on a Wednesday night?  I am fine with the Thursday night games because they have become of the norm and Thursdays are somewhat deeper into the week.  Not to mention that this Thursday night’s game should be an outstanding battle in South Florida between the #21 ranked Bulls and the 8th ranked Bearcats.

But back to the topic at hand. Really a game on a Wednesday night though?  Football is meant to be played on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, and of course the extended time into Monday nights.  It is a way that the American public unwinds.  After a long work week, people spend their weekends relaxing and watching football games during the Fall and Winter.  So when Thursday night games on ESPN started it was a bit of a stretch.  But now a Wednesday game?!  So they have one real practice and a  walk through on Tuesday to prepare for a big game on ESPN?

Also lets not forget that ESPN is throwing in Tuesday night games now too!  So are these just games where a team suits up and plays without preparation?  I know this is a bit of a stretch and most of the teams playing these early week games had a bye over the weekend so they have actually had over a week to prepare.  Any team that gets asked to play on ESPN is going to play no matter what day of the week.  For many of the mid level programs, this is the only chance they will get to play on national television all year.

Now I realize that both of these teams had byes this past weekend and therefore have had an extended amount of time to prepare for this game.  But I just feel throwing a game into the middle of the week throws off the players’  and coaches’ schedules for preparation.  It alters the entire process of game preparation.  Teams get into routines on how they mentally and physically prep for games and weeks where they play in the middle of the week just alter the entire process.  Not to mention the schedules of the American public in viewing are changed.

I know it is all about the benjamins but please keep football games in the second half of the week at least ESPN..

Stay tuned for Edition 32.