Daily Archives: October 13, 2009

Edition 30 “Get off the Air”

So earlier today I had a free minute and put on ESPN and the show SportsNation was on.  This show is a newer show on ESPN2 and airs at 4 PM on weekdays.  There are essentially three hosts.  These are Colin Cowherd, Michelle Beadle, and the fans.  The actual premise of this show makes sense and is a way for ESPN to utilize their highly used website of ESPN.com and include as many fans as possible in relation to the show.
There is one major problem.  Colin Cowherd seems to be uneducated on sports!  This guy has opinions, but they seem to have no substance.  He just talks and talks, but seems to ramble on about nothing. Now I know he is a radio sports host and probably does have his fair share of knowledge.  Let’s not forget about his big time radio show “The Herd with Colin Cowherd” that airs on ESPN Radio (another show which I am not a fan of).  But there is something about this guy that I cannot stand.  Stick to the PTIs and Around the Horns ESPN.  And let’s not forget about your bread and butter Sportscenter.
Please keep the “Herd” on the radio and off of the tube.  Even Rome is Burning is a more appealing show than Sportsnation.  I would rather sit and watch Jim Rome rip on people than watch Colin Cowherd try to entertain the Sportsnation on my precious and scant time to watch television.
At least Michelle Beadle is good looking.  That is about the only thing that this show got right. 
ESPN, you are still number 1 in my heart, just keep Mr. Cowherd off of the television lineup and on the bench..
Stayed tuned for Edition 30