Edition 29 “Lack of Maturity”

The Bengals won their fourth straight thrilling game this afternoon.  They are widely being regarded as the Cardiac Cats now because of their knack for photoshoot finishes to their games.  Either way they now hold sole possession of the AFC North lead.

This was another very weird game full of sloppy play.  Brad St. Louis struggled and ought to be booking a flight home very soon.  He looked completely baffled out there and has it in his head now that he cannot snap the ball accurately to Huber.  Chad Johnson fumbled in the Red Zone.  Joe Flacco, threw multiple interceptions.  Cedric Benson was the first running back in 39 games to rush for over a hundred against the vaunted Ravens defense..

The Ravens defense, which has been so good for so many years, showed much immaturity down the stretch today.  Picking up three crucial penalties on the Bengals last drive to keep things going for the Who Deys.  Ray Lewis, of all people laid a devastating helmet first blow on his supposed “friend” Chad OchoCinco.

The Ravens are a very strong team and will definitely compete for the division title.  But they are not just a defensive oriented team anymore.  Coming into today’s game they have showed signs of a very strong offensive attack.  Today, though the offense played awful, they came up with points to put the team in position to win.  The defense though was unable to stop the Bengals last drive.

Ray Lewis, grow up man.  You are a phenomenal player, but you know better then picking up a penalty in that situation.

The Cardiac Cats continue to roll..

Stay tuned for Edition 30.


3 responses to “Edition 29 “Lack of Maturity”

  1. Upon finally seeing the play, I think you’ve sorely misjudged the play. The guy who sandwhich Chad struck first, causing Ray to mis-hit. As for putting friends in quotes, you should see Chad’s tweet to Ray, calling him a big brother and sending him love. There was no malign intent. It was an accident. And the second PI… close. It wasn’t wrong but could’ve gone either way.

  2. In slow motion, I can see that this hit was not as intentional as it looked at first. Still Ray knows better in that kind of situation, and though he always plays hard, he normally plays smarter than that. The Ravens defensive miscues on that last drive will keep them all up late at night wondering what could have been. Either way both of these teams will each battle for the Division title. The year is far from over. That was just one game.

  3. I think we can all agree that these teams will be at the top of the division at the end of the year and we also can all agree that steeltown will fall from its thrown

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