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Edition 28 “Big Day for Former Heisman’s”

First off a quick shot out to ARod.   Rodriguez got the monkey off his back last night.  He finally is playing clutch and making plays in the postseason.  Mr. Rodriguez, you are finally earning your pinstripes.  Yes sir, you can smile now.  The media will leave you alone for a day.  A beautiful day of bliss.  Peace and quite.  Finally some praise..

Another big day in College Football today.  Sam Bradford, last year’s Heisman Trophy Winner returns to the Sooner lineup and Tim Tebow is “questionable” for tonight’s big SEC showdown in Baton Rouge.  Bradford is an outstanding quarterback.  It may take him a game or two to get his A game back, but the Sooners are now an instant contender again in the Big 12.   Even with 2 losses, with Bradford at the helm, Oklahoma is capable of beating anyone in the conference.  Bradford returns to a team that has a very strong defense to compliment what will not become a much stronger passing attack.

So Tim Tebow will play if medically cleared tonight.  Lets be real.  Tebow is playing.  They have known that Tebow will play all week but are keeping the fans and the LSU Tigers guessing to add to the drama of the big time game tonight.  Give me a break Urban.  Tebow will play tonight and the Gators will take care of business in Baton Rouge.  Though LSU has been playing some good football and are regaining some of the swagger that they had a couple of years ago, Les Miles will not be able to lead the Tigers to the upset.  Too much Gator speed and Tim Tebow.

On the flipside, say Tebow somehow is unable to play, I feel the backup Brantley will be able to lead the Gators to a very close 3 point victory.

All in all this is a huge day for both of the former Heisman Trophy winners.  Bradford and Tebow each need to show that injuries will not hold them back from leading their team’s to big victories and putting up big numbers.

Prediction:  Florida starts out slow but in the end beats the Tigers by 7 points in a huge statement victory.  The Gators are getting closer to a trip to Pasadena.

Stay tuned for Edition 29.