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Edition 27 “Every Dog Has His Day”

Dodgers Win!  Dodgers Win!..This is a fairly typical line from the Dodger’s announcer.  But how they won tonight, not so typical.

A ball lined into left center and the Dodgers win?..A ball lined into left center by Mark Loretta?! The old  journeyman Loretta had a walk off single tonight to lead the Dodgers to a big game 2 win over the Cardinals.   Now they are heading to Cardinal Central with a commanding 2-0 lead in the best of 5 series.

This game defines the beauty of all that is October baseball.  The game is never over until the last out or the last pitch.  The Dodgers came down to their last strike and still managed to pull it out. People can remain on the corner of their seats until “final” streams across the scoreboard. On this day, pinch hitter, and Major League traveler Mark Loretta was the hero.  Anything can happen in playoff baseball.

Mark Loretta is the type of player that defines the way the game works today.  Players that are not in the limelight tend to bounce around from club to club unnoticed and continue to pick up a paycheck.  Mark Loretta’s journey has been no different as he has played on 5 different clubs in his 14 year career.   How many of you can actually name the teams that he has played for without looking it up on the internet?   He is 38 years old and nearing 40 rapidly.  

Anyways, back to Loretta.  Mark batted a meager 232 this season and had 0 HR’s.  The regular season now does not matter in that he is 1 for 1 in this year’s postseason with 1 RBI and a game winning hit.  Not to mention Mark was 0 for 15 all time coming into this 9th inning encounter against Cardinal reliever Ryan Franklin.

To Dodger’s fans, little used Loretta is having a great year now.  Every dog has his day in the sun.  Now this is just an expression, but at the same time relates very much to the events that transpired in tonight’s game.  So no offense to Loretta, but tonight was his night and one that he will not soon forget.  Hats off to Mark in having ice in his veins and coming off the bench cold in the 9th to hit a game winning single.

Put this series in the books.  Joe Torre will be leading the Dodgers to a second consecutive NLCS.  The man knows how to win Steinbrenner family.

Stay tuned for Edition 28