Daily Archives: October 8, 2009

Edition 26 “Mr. October”

So October playoff baseball has begun..and Derek Jeter is back at it again.  The Yankee king led the Yankees to an easy victory in game one of their divisional series tonight.  The world is back to normal with Derek leading the Yankees to wins in October.  With the playoffs lacking the Yankees last year, things were just not the same.  October was missing our generations Mr. October.

Jeter went 2 for 2, with 2 RBIs and 2 walks.  DJ just makes the game look so effortless in pressure situations.  He has a love for the game and the drive to win.  Jeter has been in the playoffs every year of his Major League career except for one which was last year.  Though he is starting to become an elder statesman, he is coming off his strongest season in years and the team looks ready to get him his 5th championship.  He will have rings to fill an entire hand in a month.

Jeter has that Mickey Mantle type aura.  He can do no wrong in the Big Apple.  The city has loved and embraced him for over a decade now.  I could never picture Jeter dawning anything but the pinstripes.  So my question for you is why can’t the city embrace Alex Rodriguez as one of their own?  If Arod is not putting up MVP numbers he receives boos.  Jeter could have a down year and the people would still love him and treat him like a god.

What is it that a guy like Derek Jeter has that a man with more talent such as Alex Rodriguez does not?

Be on the lookout for Mr. October as he leads the Yankees to their 27th World Championship.  October is finally back to normal.

Stay tuned for Edition 27.