Edition 25 “A Meltdown with Class”

So last night, the Twins completed one of the most improbable comebacks in the history of sports becoming the 2nd team since 1938 to come back and win a division after being down 7 games heading into the last month of the season.  I mean, the Twins were down by 3 games, heading into the final four! 

So in retrospect, the Tigers completed one of the greatest meltdowns in the history of sports last night.

Last night’s game was exciting from the first pitch and a great game to cap things off in the Metrodome.  What impressed me most about the game though was not the fantastic play and breathtaking finish.  It was the class in which the Tigers handled defeat.  They made no excuses for the loss.  Not only did they not make excuses, they complimented the Twins and gave them all of the credit in the world.

In a game where there were some questionable calls such as Brandon Inge’s “hit by pitch,”  I am overly impressed by the Tigers lack of mentioning of poor umpiring.  The Tigers took this loss with grace.  Jim Leyland and the Tigers have a strong organization and will be back in the hunt next year.  So at this time the Tigers may be heartbroken, but this will serve as great motivation to play all 162 games next year and not tank in September.

So what do the Twins get for their epic September/October comeback? A date with CC Sabathia and the dominant force that dawns the pinstripes.  Though I think the Twins are deserving and a great team, this is the Yankees year.  If the Twins were to win this series, it would be one of the greatest upsets in baseball history up there with the 1960 World Series where Bill Mazeroski and the Pirates defeated and outstanding Yankees team in 7.

Jim Leyland, Brandon Inge, and the Tigers, keep your heads up..there is always next year.

Other professional athletes and sports franchises, take note of the class and grace in which the Tigers handled themselves in defeat..

Stay tuned for Edition 26 coming soon.



4 responses to “Edition 25 “A Meltdown with Class”

  1. Have to agree about the Tigers’ sportsmanship. They have been incredibly dignified in defeat – many other teams in many other sports could learn from their example.

  2. Very true Steve..should be a very exciting playoffs though as always..I am predicting a Yankees vs Phillies World Series with the Yanks winning for the first time since 2000..

  3. I’m having trouble seeing past the Yankees. They look so, so strong at the moment.

  4. I agree..Derek Jeter looks hungry as does the whole team to gain another title..they will be very tough to beat

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