Edition 24 “Just Another Game”

Brett Favre, in his last game before hitting the dinosaur age of 40, exacted one of the most satisfying victories of his career.  Though he said that it was “just another game,” it wasn’t.  Brett has been in the league for the better part of 2 decades now and realizes that what he says will be broadcast over every media outlet known to man.  So in the postgame interview, he said typical vanilla answers and savored the victory on the inside.

On a night where the run was for once not dominating the opposing defense, Brett showed great efficiency and led his team to victory.  Not to mention Jared Allen looked like a man on a mission on the defensive side of the ball for the Vikings.  But do not think that this was just another win for the Levi Jeans spokesman.  He wanted revenge on the Packers.  They basically gave him the boot to pave the way for Aaron Rodgers, who does not look too shabby himself.  Think about if you have ever been given the boot from a job or position.  You would like to get revenge in some way, shape, or form.  If you have a breakup like Brett had with the Packers, you want redemption.  If you say that you don’t,  well, you are lying to yourself.

So as much as I am tired of hearing about Brett Favre and would love for him to retire from the game for forever, he played well last night and led his team to victory in yet another big Monday Night Game.  Brett has done this consistently for a long time now, but he will enjoy this one all the way up to next week’s game.  The next big game circled on Brett’s calendar is a big homecoming date on Sunday, November 1st as he returns to Lambeau.  I know that each game in between is important, but the one at the beginning of November is like the Super Bowl before the Super Bowl for Favre.  Brett is currently leading a team that looks very tough and ripe to go deep into the playoffs.  Can Brett handle the wear and tear of the entire season plus a playoff season..?

I think not..even with the godly running abilities of AP, Brett will tire out as the year goes on.  He looks great now just as he did at the beginning of the year with the Jets last season.  Be looking for him to fizzle out come week 14 or 15 or so.  Hats off to Brett and savor the victory.  Keep telling yourself it was just another game..

The Cheeseheads are waiting for November 1st..

Stay tuned for Edition 25.



2 responses to “Edition 24 “Just Another Game”

  1. Levis? Come on Kraze…you know Favre is ONLY comfortable in Wrangler.

  2. Very good point Leif. Either way he loves his rugged jeans and playing ball..

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