Daily Archives: October 1, 2009

Edition 20 “Honest Abe Mauer”

Last night the Twins were defeated by the Tigers 6 to 5 and nearly eliminated from playoff contention.  Today they stayed alive in the playoff race with a victory over the team they are chasing.  Now the Twins are still breathing but barely, down by 2 games with 3 left.

The big news of last night had to do with a Youtube posting from a  fan at the stadium.  Ironically, this fan turns out to be from Minnesota, yet he thought it was funny to make Mauer, who is thought of as a king in the Twin Cities look bad.  There comes a point in my eyes where people need to grow up.  Anyone who has watched Mauer over the years knows that he consistently fidgets with his helmet.

Mauer is a guy who more should try to emulate.  He does it all.  He plays a great defensive catcher, and hits the ball better than any catcher of all time, and yes that includes Mike Piazza in his hey day, and he stays out of trouble off the field.  If Mauer stays consistent and avoids the injury bug, he may be one of those on the ballot going to Cooperstown in 15 years.

It just makes me sick sometimes the extremes that people can go to make those that they envy look bad.  Though this is not making Mauer look too bad in that he has a great reputation, it still stings a little and is unnecessary and unwarranted press.  The Twins are 2 games out with 3 games left!  The attention should be on the AL Central race and not on some dumb amateur Youtube video of a guy who wishes he was the Twins catcher.

Joe, my message to you is to shrug this off and go finish the year with a sweep of the Royals.  It is the only shot you have at the playoffs.  Meanwhile enjoy your 367 batting average, 28 homeruns, and 95 RBIs.  Considering the injuries you had, I think you have had a pretty alright year.

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Edition 19 “The Clock is Running out on Big Ben”

Things continue to get a little worse for the 2 time Super Bowl Champion quarterback Ben Roethlisberger.  Today his plea to have his sexual assault case dismissed was denied.  Though in this situation, it appears that Roethlisberger will emerge victorious in the courtroom, all the sudden he is not smelling like roses anymore.

The Steelers are currently on an extremely rare 2 game losing streak.  Ben Roethlisberger just lost for his first time in Ohio as an NFL starting QB moving his record to 11-1 vs the Browns and Bengals combined.  So it appears some girl is crying wolf and trying to milk a few bucks out of Big Ben, but his name is still taking a hit.  It is never good press for and NFL quarterback when it  is not about football, family, or charity. 

Roethlisberger this weekend threw a crucial interception at the beginning of the 2nd half to the Bengals Johnathan Joseph to let the Who Deys back into the game.  All the sudden Paul Brown came alive and turned into the jungle. 

Normally, Ben has the magic to overcome INTs, but this time he was defeated at the hands of Carson Palmer and the re-emerging Bengals offense.

If things do not turn around soon, the clock may strike midnight for Big Ben and the defending champion Pittsburgh Steelers. The Bengals look eager to rise up in the AFC North and the Ravens just look outstanding in all facets of the game..only time will tell..

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