Edition 17 “Upsets Galore”

College Football as usual is putting out the upsets with the consistency of the rain that has hit Southwest Ohio recently.  This weekend has proved no different than the others thus far.  Thursday night was the first upset of the weekend with the South Carolina Gamecocks shocking the Ole Miss Rebels on national television.  Today, South Florida, from the “supposedly” lowly Big East took out 17th ranked Florida State 17-7.  In addition, Oregon is ahead 39 to 3 in the 4th quarter over top ten California.  Also top 15 teams TCU, UC, and LSU all avoided near upset losses today.

So do people like all of the upsets in the College game today? It seems like on any given week, 2 or 3 top 15 teams will get upset.  Why is this?  Is the ranking system not accurate?  Do teams really not come out motivated every week in a sport where if you lose one game, your national championship chances are near over? 

This is the beautiful thing about the enigma that is College Football.  People love getting up on Saturday mornings, watching College Gameday, tailgating, and watching football games all day.  It is the American way on Saturday during the Fall.

The thing that may be the most mind blowing is the misconstrued system that governs College Football.  A BCS Title Game?  No playoffs?.. People still love it and tune in every week.  So many can say that the ranking system and lack thereof playoffs is screwed up, but the game is still just as popular as ever.  The upsets just keep coming and the entertainment value continues to go up.

People love seeing the underdog conquer, unless of course it is their team going down.  So welcome to all that is College Football.  Let the upsets begin as we enter October and head towards big time matchups and conference play.

Stay tuned for edition 18 of SportsKraze.


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