Edition 16 “Volunteer Mouths”

Once again a Tennessee coach is making headlines for comments made in front of the public eye.  This time it is the men’s hoops coach  Bruce Pearl, renowned for his orange ties and outgoing demeanor.

He made a few statements about the diversity of his players and how some come from the hood, while others wear the hood.  Though, these statements were inappropriate, it has come to be expected from the loud mouth Volunteer basketball coach.  Ridiculous comments have come to become the norm in Volunteer Men’s athletics.

Between Kiffin and Pearl, UT cannot stay out of the national media.  Honestly, it has been entertaining for the most part, but there comes a time when performance starts to count.  Pearl has brought UT into the national spotlight for basketball.  His victory over Memphis 2 years back was one of the biggest in school history and put the Vols on the men’s basketball map.

But when are these teams going to start getting media attention for their great on the field play?  Pearl’s huge victory was 2 years ago and he has no Final Four’s to show for it.  Even the pride of the entire state of Tennessee, the Lady Volunteers faltered exiting the tournament earlier than ever have before.

Rocky Top needs to start singing and gaining national media attention for victories on the playing field and not for loud mouth coaches.

Stay tuned for Edition 17 coming soon.



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