Edition 14 “Is He Superman?”

The man with the golden legs, has a “back injury.” Yes folks, it is possible for the Adrian Peterson to get hurt. Though most of the times he is a blur, occasionally defenders are able to get their paws on him and bring him down to earth. In college he spent much of his tenure with the Sooners on the sidelines with injuries.

Peterson widely regarded as the best running back in the NFL is currently leading the league again in rushing yards and is leading a high powered Vikings offense. People have been presently surprised by the efficiency of Brett Favre thus far as the quarterback for the Vikings.

Now, I am as tired of hearing about Brett Favre in the press or in the news as any of you but this topic definitely pertains.

Nearly any quarterback in the league would be tearing it up on opponents with a running back like Adrian Peterson. As long as you have receivers who can catch the ball, it is single coverage all day with teams highly focusing on containing AP.

Peterson has a crushing, powerful running style, mixed in with outstanding speed and even some finesse at times. He is an all around running back who can do it all. The sky is the limit for the man nicknamed “All Day.”

With his great mix of speed and power, he is more comparable to Superman than Flash, or any other Superhero, since he has the all around package. I am going to call him Superman in purple from now on.

My question for you all today, is Brett Favre really as good as his 77% completion percentage and his 110.2 passer rating or is he riding Peterson’s Superman cape to these great numbers?

Stay tuned for edition 15.



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