Edition 11 “The Old Stay Young”

Ray Lewis once again proved ageless coming up with the big play to help the Ravens solidify a big victory over the San Diego Chargers and put their stake on first place in the AFC North.

The Ravens gave up an eye opening 436 passing yards and 474 total yards. Though very uncharacteristic of the normally suffocating defensive efforts Ravens fans have become accustomed to, their fearless leader still came up with the big play when it was needed. Ray Lewis has maybe lost a step over the years from the prime of his career in the early 2000’s, but he has not lost anything mentally. He read Philip Rivers snap count like a book and shot the whole.
Ray Lewis, possibly the greatest linebacker of all time still is coming up with big plays at the dinosaur age of 34! Ray was very modest after the play, but plays like this are a testament to hard work over the entire course of a career on the field, and in the film study room. Though he did not make the best decisions off the field early in his career, his football decisions have been perfect. Lewis is defying logic in continuing to will a team to big victories.
Do not sleep on this Raven’s team. Flacco has the swagger of a winner and the offense is for once healthy (for once Todd Heap is at full strength). They now have an early one game lead over the hated Steelers and are looking to win the AFC North outright this year.
The AFC North will be an extremely competitive division this year and the old man will definitely have his say on the outcome.
Stay tuned for Edition 12 coming soon.

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